Tuesday Trade Prop.

I'm still stuck on this Weight-Guerin thing in a big way. It just makes so much sense to me. I'm just horribly conflicted about who to send...

Smid could go. I really like him but we've got our top 4.

Nilsson already was an Islander so I don't think he's going back.

I refuse to make Schremp a part of a deal like this. I still think the guy's coming back and staying for the rest of the season.

I think we can easily afford to move a D-prospect if that's what they want (a Chorney/Wild/Petry/whatever type).

Cole I'm now moderately conflicted on. I'm half-convinced he turns into Peca for us as I earlier noted.

What would NYI want that we'd be able to give?

As for a different kind of deal; how bout this:

From ATL - Colby Armstrong, Erik Christensen

To ATL - Robert Nilsson + ???? (I'm honestly not sure how much we have to give or if they want a goalie).

The only problem with this deal is we've still got too many forwards. Maybe only acqure one of them.

ATL has a lot of interesting players; Kovalchuk obviously, Hainsey's locked up at 4.5, I've always been a Kozlov fan, take the chance on Kari? They'd be interesting dance partners.

Teams to target right now: NYI, C-bus, ATL, Tampa


And for a flashback to what could have been:



Still makes me so sad. The promise that was there; the turn we were making. Still have the newspaper from the night Mike scored goal #1 to beat the Wings.

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