Game Preview - EDM v. FLA - 12/11/08

Who I'm watching: Rob Schremp and Dustin Penner. I'm really going to see if I can figure out what is making Penner's play effective right now (other than Ales Hemsky of course).

Florida is a bit of an odd team to be playing. They've traveled a long way and have a bunch of guys who are hurt. Important guys too. And Craig Anderson...really??? Perhaps we can put a bit of a knock on that save percentage if he gets the start this evening.

Due: Erik Cole scores one against a former SE division punching bag team.

Not likely: I just don't see Jay Bouwmeester coming here. Everything from cost to the supposed idea that he doesn't want to play here to other offers that could come in. I just don't see it. Poor guy will likely (and I hope) go elsewhere to a team where he won't lead them with 16 points in 27 games, but I have a hard time seeing it being here unless he's grown incredibly homesick.

What will happen: We'll likely come out with a good offensive effort. Quality of opposition combined with a few days of rest for the still eager young guys should keep everyone in line. The top line also looks like its finally settling in with a more consistent 3-player effort.

Something I hope happens: I hope Garon starts; though I don't think he will. Come to think of it I wouldn't mind Deslauriers getting this one. After listening to that interview with Pete Peeters I really hope he's not having too much input into who starts.

Make sure you check: Weiss. Actually looked like he was the only one playing well in the game clips I've seen lately.

Who scores first: Schremp or Brule? And could both force an eventual trade to keep them in the lineup? I'm not sure and I like being patient with young guys when you can, but we'll see how they hold up after a bunch of games. I think one of them may score tonight (and my money's on Rob).

Should be an interesting game that hopefully let's the Oilers try some things offensively and play the young guys a bunch. I guess we'll see!

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