Game Preview - EDM v. PHX - 12/22/08

Who I'm watching: Since I didn't see last game I'll be watching Erik Cole to see if his game has actually changed any or if he just got lucky out there last game. A fundamental change in both his approach and the way we use him has been required for some time now and maybe that's happening???

With Phoenix you never really know what you're gonna get. Its nice that we're in Ilya's head and seem to be able to get to him when we play PHX for our sake. They have some interesting young players that are enjoyable to watch including Hanzal, Mueller, Boedker, Michalek, Turris and Tikhonov. I'm also a Dan Carcillo fan so I enjoy his game. With Gretzky's teams you always have to be on guard for a comeback. He really knows how to open up the play strategy-wise (not surprising from the best EVER at that type of game) so they can catch you in a hurry. Still makes me angry that all of our A-list former players are elsewhere while we get the B/C list. A staff of Gretzky-Messier-Coffey-Kurri in some capacity would have a very different squad and style.

I really wonder how taking out Robert Nilsson is going to get our utterly putrid offence started. I mean, having Reddox, Strudwick and Stortini in the lineup is sure to scare the goaltenders of this league but...yeah...Stinking roster freeze...

Due: I'm still thinking Ales is due for a huge game.

What happened to: David Hale? He was once a highly touted NJ prospect and went straight into the NHL journeyman scrap heap. Funny how that happens with touted defencemen.

I really hope: Deslauriers starts. He deserves another one before Christmas and MacTavish should make this happen.

PK: Phoenix does not have a good powerplay. If we can't shut these guys down we have serious problems. Get Souray off the PK, he's dead there this year.

Make sure you check: Mr shoulda-been-Oiler himself Shane Doan. He's their obvious leader on the ice and we need him not to have a big night.

Let's just win a game handidly. We need something; ANYTHING to haul the fanbase out of this utter depression.

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Charlie98 said...

If Nilsson is playing as badly as the Journal article says (MacT not happy) I would hope that after the roster freeze we do something. There must be a player(s) in the system somewhere who could play in the top 6.
Could Reddox, Strudwick and Stortini be a product of the cap?