Game Preview - EDM v. VAN - 12/13/08

Who I'm watching: I'm counting on the big line tonight so I'll be watching to see if they can find an early groove. I really don't think the young guys have much of chance of a big game...Sam still looks hurt to me. Robert will be rusty. And apparently I can't watch Schremp because of MacTavish's lineup genius so...yippee.

I hate Vancouver. I hate their fans in Edmonton because they don't respect the game and the Edmonton fans in attendance. Simply not cool.

Due: So much for Erik Cole being due...Moreau seems more likely tonight to me. I think he has a good game.

Jerks: Like half of Vancouver's forward lineup. Seriously; only Dallas can compete with this classless of a group. Maybe our incredibly useless line-up can hurt a couple of em and get suspended so we get two birds with one stone.

Our lineup: Is quite possibly the stupidest thing I've ever seen.

Have no problem with: Roloson starting. He's had lots of rest and should be ready; hopefully the technical improvements we've seen from him continue; if he regresses he needs to be traded and fast.

Make sure you check: Mason Raymond. He seems to get us.

I really hope we rebound from the stinker against FLA; but if this lineup and random goalie coach yelling is what happens after a pathetic loss; I don't know what happens after a 'W' anymore...

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