Game Preview - EDM v. CHI - 12/13/08

Who I'm watching: Aside from the Hawks young guns of course, I'll be paying special attention to the kid line tonight to see if they step up their game in the presence of some of the other young stars of this league.

Chicago is a very interesting squad; I must say I like their team a lot other than their goaltending situation. Without that giant cap drain these guys would be able to make themselves real contenders. How the kids hold up will likely determine their fate this year...but their supporting cast is certainly getting better.

Due: Ales hasn't had a really big game in a while. I think he's due against a dynamic opponent.

What happened to: Patrick Sharp? I always thought he was just another middling NHLer and then he blows the lid off in Chicago and makes guys expendable. What happened? Guess you get breaks sometimes.

I really hope: Garon starts. Very sure this would be the right move for this game, against this team, at this time.

Steady Steve: Can Staios keep up his reasonably solid play of late? He may have turned a corner. He'll have lots of support is Smid keeps up his strong play.

Make sure you check: The obvious duo of Toews and Kane. Yikes. But very entertaining.

We need a nice run pretty badly; here's hoping we can manage to start one.


Bryanbryoil said...

Can't wait to hear the review of this game LOL!

LMHF#1 said...

Never a report after a game like that. Too much sad, sick, pathetic and embarrassing to ever comment on.