Schremp succeeds because...

When they recalled Rob Schremp I was of course excited; but also a picture of what I thought a successful game for him would entail and the type of contribution he would bring to the team. Thought he'd have games where the things we remembered were big plays; flashy plays to make things happen and missed opportunities for other players.

Reality has been very different than that; and shows just how far Rob has come even since camp.

What's been most noticeable about his game has been a lot of little things:

- Being on the correct defensive side of the puck.
- Hustling back to catch attackers and clear pucks from below the goal line that could create chances.
- Batting the puck out of the air probably 12 times in 2 games; which might not seem important but it can certainly either save the team from a rush or create a chance. Teammate of mine generated probably 20 goals one year on this skill of his.
- Finishing checks. He's making contact with people; which is really all you need to do to slow people up and wear them down just a little.
- Getting to loose pucks and using his reach/hands to do something with them.
- Making safe dumps when necessary.
- Still being confident enough to bust a sick move when he gets a chance.
- Finding the open areas more effectively than any forward this side of Ales Hemsky at the moment.

That's a whole lot of positives that add up to a guy who certainly looks like he's ready to make a contribution to this team. The nervousness is largely gone, the simple plays are there, and the confidence has returned.

I hope he keeps it up as long as possible of course. The next test will be how he (and the coaching staff) respond after a few iffy shift and/or a subpar game. Hopefully we don't need to talk about that for a while.

As for me; I'm going to head out and order myself a #88 jersey this weekend as a Christmas present for me. I've been waiting for an excuse and now I have it :-)


Charlie98 said...

2 games does not a career or even a long stay in the NHL make. Let's see how he does over the next 10 games. I don't know what MacT thinks of this but I quite often see Shremp on the opposite wing in the defensive zone.

B.C.B. said...

I noticed that after Schremp collided with Roli, he was benched and Brule took his spot on the line with Cogs and Poo.

I would be surprised to see both Brule and Schremp in the NHL after the game next Thrusday (Gags should be feeling better and Nilisson should be on the way).

LMHF#1 said...

Didn't that line only play one shift afterwards? And it would certainly make sense for Brule to be substituted in during a necessarily defensive situation against the Sharks like that.

That was what I saw anyway.

raventalon40 said...

My favorite part is Schremp finishing checks and coming back on the 2-on-1 to play the D position. He may not hit the hardest or skate backwards the smoothest -- but the hustle means he's a changed man and a changed player.

He's also cheaper than Nilsson.

Tambellini, git er done.