Tuesday Trade prop

Well...things have changed a fair bit since I last did this for our team. I'm still a fan of going to the NYI well; but am open to other possibilities.

Such as:

LA - Frolov EDM - Nilsson, Chorney, pick.

Hear me out: He's only got one more year before he's a UFA, he'd be playing for a deal next year and we need an offensive LW. LA isn't going to contend this year or next. He's a PERFECT target and covers our butts if we don't sign Cole in terms of adding a top-six guy for next year at exactly 4 mil. If we can swing it to afford both, gravy.

DAL - Lehtinen EDM - Nilsson, pick.

Makes so much sense to me it's scary.


Charlie98 said...

After 10 - 2 Buffalo you likely think Garon is having a little chuckle. I note that elsewhere you and #2 think about trading for Buffalo but keeping Hemsky. 10 - 2 TRADE THEM ALL

LMHF#1 said...

At least Buffalo showed our team what a great squad with tons of killer instinct looks like when it tastes blood.