LMHF Game Report #19

Well, I'm gonna muster up my courage and plow through this. SOMEONE in Edmonton might as well put forth some hockey effort tonight besides Erik Cole I suppose.

So much for that whole winning thing I guess...really thought maybe some positive energy would help out there but it just didn't.

Roloson let us down early, but the more I think about it I'm pretty sure SJ just coasted after the first anyway. They were playing Douglas "LMHF#1 could skate 3000 circles around me" Murray all the time for christ's sake...and he OWNED Penner a couple times. That's just sickening.

Once again; sabotage from the get-go. If I can find one hockey guy who thinks it made sense to play all 3 toughies tonight against a team that doesn't bother, I'm not sure what I'll do but it'll be hat-eating equivalent. That wasn't bad, wasn't sad, wasn't anything but STUPID. Flat out stupid. Its like he's trying to show who's the big man behind that bench. His team and us fans are suffering because of it.

I think you can see a clear divide in the ranks right now. It is evident in the body language as noted around the rink. And I don't know what's wrong with Moreau right now but it sure is something. You've got to think a bunch of different people are frustrated for a bunch of different reasons and THIS is the result of that.

Did anyone see the players gathering to plan their own play in the SJ end in the third? I didn't see what was before that but to see it away from the bench sure was interesting.

I'm not going to defend the players tonight either; but they're not usually this bad. You guys are going way-hard on Gagner; tone it down and remember he was yanked from the line that was working because our bonehead bench boss is a clown who wouldn't know hockey if it hit him in the forehead.

And we were seriously subjected to the MacIntyre-Stortini-Strudwick line? Please tell me this is a hideous nightmare I will soon wake up from. They cost us one goal and almost cost us two on stupid lazy icings alone! I have a hard time blaming them though because they NEVER should have had that opportunity!

I tried to look for positives; but we were actually falling asleep in the seats out there tonight. And then we starting having people get hurt! It was like a train wreck you were stuck on but not being hurt just subjected to all its horrors.

I don't know what's become of this team; really.

We are neither what we are or what we want to be.

We are drifting in a sea of nothing with no identity, no soul and no confidence.

We need a massive change and soon. That's the only solution anymore. This will not work itself out.

Please hope that MacTavish quits (pressured or not) and that Tambellini is able to make a couple trades to put a new stamp on this team. Its the only way. Otherwise, whether we wind up with an amazing pick or not, NOTHING will change.

Hope springs eternal; but man is it ever hard to manage sometimes with these guys.

I watched our playoff highlights today. I remember how good I felt to watch a team that good play hockey. I remembered what that was like in elemental feelings that it brought. I know what that team looks like. I know how that team acts. We must bring it back.

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Charlie98 said...

After this debacle the next team is St. Louis. A loss where the players play at the same level as the last few games should spell the end for MacT. In this scenario and MacT remains Katz needs to look at Lowe, friend or not.