Game Preview - EDM v. SJ 01/09/09

I had a revelation this morning and think I'm finally past the whole wondering if want the team to go on a big streak or just be torn apart and start again.

I just want this team to win games. I want to be happy. I want to enjoy it at the rink again.

So I say we bring it in a serious way for the team tonight in that building and help in a ginormous miracle win over SJ.

We've got a few things going for us even though our lineup is seriously suffering.

-We're great against the Sharks
-Roloson is good against these guys
-We have a superlative weekend record this year for some reason
-We're due after 2 bad performances and occasionally tend to respond to "hard" practices

I'm still a little miffed though. MacTavish saying that Nilsson-Gagner-Cole had a "bad game" last time out is flat wrong. They were the only line producing anything out there and kept VAN in check. He needs to go back to them and hopefully his instinct in that regard will prevail.

What I'd roll out tonight with the people currently up and ready?

If Horcoff's in:


That at least gives us "the high gear" as they'd say in Days of Thunder.

Play Brodziak if Horcoff can't take the large minutes I'm giving that top line.

Proposed breakdown tonight of forward minutes: 1-22 mins 2-22 mins 3-10 mins 4-6 mins

If Horcoff's not in:


That's not as horridly bad as I'd feared at least. We'll see what they can manage.

I'm going to be watching Erik Cole who's really emerging as a leader on this team. If he can keep his game high and get a couple along with a strong performance by Roloson, we have a chance in this game. The D will also be in tough, but I firmly believe we have an excellent defence.

I can't think of a better way to start a great weekend than a huge win against a tough opponent.

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Charlie98 said...

It's amazing how bad the lineup looks if both Hemsky and Horcoff aren't in. Moreau seems to be regressing. Brule, MacIntyre, Reddox, Strudwick would not do well in the AHL never mind the NHL. Tambellini must be wondering he got himself into.