My favorite obscure Oilers - Part 1

I think everyone and especially hardcore fans have a group of guys that they just enjoyed or have distinct memories of for whatever reason; I'm no different. We'll cover those type of guys in this series of posts.

For my first favorite obscure Oilers player, I choose the guy in the pic there; Mr. Selivanov.

Why'd I like him as an Oiler? Because I like goal-scorers. I really like them. Even if they are constantly accused of "floating" or not being good skaters or whatever. Being able to put the puck by the best goaltenders in the world is an awesome skill to be revered and Alex had the gift. His name also ended in "ov" which makes him a hockey player in my books :)

Alex was only here for parts of two seasons, but I think he's most remembered for a night he had against the Chicago Blackhawks in November of 1999. That night he had FOUR goals and an assist to boot. I'm pretty sure this was the night he played the puck to himself around a d-man off the back of the net and walked out to score. Boy that was something. He should have been better than he was; there's no doubt of that, but he did outscore Bill Guerin that year.

He didn't play much (or well) in the playoffs and we let him go. I considered this a loss at the time; more for potential's sake in that if you could reach a player like him and untap his true potential you'd really have something. I think once these guys start shooting around the league they're pretty well done for.

Funny fact: He wore 28 his first year and 29 his second year. Odd...

Alex will always be a cool story I remember, I will be added to the team of all-obscure Oilers I will be assembling. For now, he's my #1 left winger (with rosters subject to change).

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Marchantfan said...

Too funny. Selivanov has always been my "Oiler that got away". I remember that 27 goal season (wasn't he #1 or 2 in goals that year), and I remember that Chicago goal, too.