Game Preview - EDM v. NYI 01/05/09

Who I'm watching: All the Islanders who would be on my trade-for list. That'd be Weight, Guerin, Comrie. I want to see if they look like they've still got it as the numbers suggest. For the Oilers I'll be watching to see if Mr. Cole keeps his game high against an eastern opponent and to see if Brule has a better game (if he's even in the lineup).

NYI has the potential to stir up some real offence as they have many a talented player and inconsistent youngsters. Our challenge will be to get a couple early and make sure our D is strong. It SHOULD be a game we handle; but you just never know.

Liam Reddox will continue to torment me just for fun. I know it. It is dumb because I'm hoping for the guy to become an NHLer, but not like this...

Due: Hmmm...I'm not sure many guys are really due right now. Those who deserve it are getting it and those who don't are not.

What happened to: Richard Park. Very strange NHL career but a guy we'll have to watch as he's always seemed to like playing against the Oilers.

I really hope: Comrie scores 5...but we score 6 and win 6-5 of course.

PK: Better...but really needs to keep it up out there.

PP: We're quietly putting together a nice run. 8 out of 9 games we've scored I believe? That's not bad!

Make sure you check: Weight. Great record against the Oilers in past games and very emotional leader at times. He could fire up his team. Keep on him.

Really need this one to set the tone for the week. Get it done.

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Charlie98 said...

After this debacle the next team is St. Louis. A loss where the players play at the same level as the last few games should spell the end for MacT. In this scenario and MacT remains Katz needs to look at Lowe, friend or not.