Wednesday that should be Tuesday

Being that this is only the second day of the work week I'm counting it as a Tuesday.

I called the TEAM last night for the first time. I had the strange predicament of having co-hosted a live radio show several times but never actually calling in to one. I was just in the right mood I guess...a caller angered me in saying that Detroit and other really good teams play a "simple" game.


Watch them play. Tell me how many of Marian Hossa's 30-odd goals are ugly and not the result of elite talent utilized masterfully. Tell me that Henrik and Pavel play "simple". You've got to be kidding me...Just because your (crummy) coach told you that simple hockey wins when you were 10 doesn't mean it automatically fits into an elite-level NHL team.

Anyway, I hope my rantings were mildly more entertaining and informed-sounding than the other callers...it sure is slim pickings sometimes. I had the great fortune of coming right after Adil which both gave me the great fortune of thinking about how to say what I wanted to for a little bit longer and being juxtaposed with a man who knows not what he speaks about.

I stand by what I said, and to that end, we need two defencemen. NOW. Not later. NOW. We also need a goalie. Sorry Jeff, the coach isn't going to start you and we need some security.

Marek Malik for a 3rd.

Paul Ranger for Taylor Chorney, Mathieu Roy and Marc Pouliot. (This likely needs to be improved substantially)

Alternatively, a deal for Malik, Ranger and Kolzig could work. Say what you will about the guy's performance but he could back up for a decent team in a pinch.

Actually, I'd claim Manny Legace on re-entry waivers.

Later in the year when COL has slipped out for good I'd take a shot at Jordan Leopold and Ian Laperriere.

And trade for Comrie.

That is all for the trade thoughts this week. I don't know how we're going to manage another good winger because our strength to trade from is now decimated by injury.


Loved Theo beating on Claude. Claude has to get suspended for hitting both officials doesn't he?

We should have won last night. I don't know why we reverted to being the gang that couldn't shoot straight again suddenly. That was tremendously upsetting. ZERO execution on a lot of chances against a team that showed again why I say they're out and out EARLY in the playoffs.

BOLD PREDICTION: Ottawa has turned the corner. They make it. Barely.

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