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Sorry for the lack of a game report after Sunday's game. I got home after the Superbowl Schmoz and sat down to write only to find my wireless wasn't working...

A few thoughts I guess:

-Horcoff had another horrible game converting chances.

-How many more goals are going to go straight through Roloson??? The D played great yesterday aside from Gilbert and yet 2 more go right through him.

-Everyone has a day like Tom had yesterday. Nothing goes right and it just gets worse. He'll bounce back well.

-No offence against a weak team. Brutal. Moreau took stupid shots all night and did nothing but give NSH the puck. There were many perfect examples of possession and shots in the offensive zone that wound up being negatives rather than positives. I believe the "stats" would somehow show that Horcoff and Moreau had solid games; they simply did not.

Aside from the game, I'm never a fan of skating individuals after a practice and having them singled out like that. Especially when two of them are being asked to play WAY over their heads and doing alright at the moment. Work with them don't skate them. If you need to discipline them find another way, though you shouldn't need to discipline these guys at this point.

The Chicago game scares the crap outta me right now...

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