LMHF Game Report #30



COLUMBUS BLUEJACKETS …the biggest 1 of the year so far

I’ve said it before, I’m sure I’ll say it again, I just didn’t want to have to say it again at this point in the season because I really really shouldn’t have to.

This is one of the games where there’s just not much to say. We played horribly and put forth no effort. We didn’t execute anything resembling a game plan, we had no superlative individual efforts to rescue us; not that it likely would have mattered because 1 on 5 doesn’t work too well.

I suppose the D did pretty well for themselves. Though they also allowed 3 clear breaks which is pretty bad. Columbus didn’t exactly have a ravenous attack tonight. They waited and we allowed them to wait. They certainly used their size advantage. Rick Nash appears to have a come a long way as a checker using his size. What the heck was Gilbert doing on the Torres goal? I really don’t know.

There’s really no sense going into individual player performances in any depth because there’s just nothing to say. Pretty much every forward made innumerable mistakes and lazy plays. No one carried any momentum over. Ales probably played one of the worst games I can remember…but then again he’s out there on his own right now and instead of diversifying they’re trying to lean more on him. You can see how frustrated he is. Penner isn’t making easy plays to score in front and looks totally disinterested. Horcoff is offensively lost and has zero confidence. He’s back to telegraphing every play he makes. Our second line is disturbingly soft and not dependable whatsoever. Cole does what he can but most nights he’s it these days. I’m sure Moreau-Cogliano-Pisani will be fine but they were nothing but passengers tonight with Moreau taking another penalty at absolutely the wrong time. The fourth line isn’t going to save you on a night like this.

I was glad that Souray jumped up some more. He was nearly effective enough to win this tonight. Gilbert was good other than his play on that winner. I liked Peckham’s effort a lot; he’ll be good for us next year as a Matt Greene type that is MUCH better with the puck. I look forward to him. Strudwick was pretty decent again. Smid skated the puck really well but needs to figure out an offensive zone pass. Staios was absolutely terrible for about 8 of his minutes. That’s not going to work. He’s probably half-dead from being skated into the ground though.

Sorry I couldn’t analyze this one much more guys. It kills your soul to watch a team with so much on the line give such a pathetically executed and low energy effort.

Yet…nothing will change; because the coach has essentially given up and the management thinks the Kunitz’s of the world will fix this team. Nobody gets it at all. That’s tragic because we should have been a REALLY good hockey team in a year when the top 3 teams in the league are incredibly vulnerable to playoff nerves/collapse/goaltending issues.

Til Saturday; which could go a long way to determining what happens next week.

I’m completely lacking excitement right now. My boss brought his kid to his first game this year tonight…poor kid probably wished he was at home playing street hockey half-way through. His friends would have put forth more sane plays and a better effort.

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