It's almost that time again...

We all are likely to be soon subject to the return of a man who may soon become the least statistically productive player in NHL history. He is only 8 more games from having played the most NHL games with ZERO points.

And because of a combination of contractual stupidity and a coach who borders on the crazy sometimes, we will likely have him return soon to the Oilers lineup.

This is a joke. A sick one. That we're all forced to watch.

Forget all the games he's taken away from guys who should have had a chance. Forget the Parise thing. Forget all the forwards on the farm and the bubble (I would wager there are 6-8) who deserve the shot more than he does.

This isn't JFJ's "fault" and I don't blame him for anything but his poor, unfocused and generally "I'm scared to be here" NHL play. This guy is how our coaching, scouting and management fails us from time-to-time.

There is no way this guy should get another chance with us.

But he will. That's sad. I'm glad he's recovered from his injury, but he should be doing it for some other team as a trusted AHL vet.

If he does get his chance here or somewhere; here's to 9 more games of nothingness. Sadly Jean, its the only NHL record you'll ever get.

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Charlie98 said...

No ignominious record, looks like 1 assist.