A third line centre?

I see the Oilers added Mike Sillinger yesterday. If this had happened a year or two ago I wouldn't have been surprised; I'm not the guy's biggest fan but I understand why a team would acquire a vet like him.

Sillinger will not be the Oilers third line center however, as his career is done due to injuries.

This is a slot on the team that cannot and should not be filled by Marc Pouliot. I'm sorry to see that he has not lived up to expectations. If anything at all he's a 13/14 guy rather than someone you're going to rely upon for a decent amount of minutes every night. This team needs more vets in the bottom six. They need a center can win some draws and maybe PK. We all know this, and yet there's a list of capable individuals out there that seem to be generating no interest:

Robert Lang
Rob Niedermayer
Mike Peca
Manny Maholtra
Blair Betts

There are obvious reasons why some might not come here, but I can't see why the Oilers don't make the moves necessary to add someone of this ilk. Even as a bit part of a trade if contacts/salaries really are the reason and not just the excuse. We'll see what happens, but really hope not to go into the following season with 4 non-NHL guys in the bottom six. Quality bit-parts are a huge part of a winning season; and this can still be a winning season.

On another note: I'm going to be a little surprised if Comrie isn't signed today.


Hockey Noob said...


Yeah, I've been troubled by the lack of depth in the bottom six too lately. What's the game plan, cough, Horcoff/Gagner/Pouliot/Brule??? cough.

I started an Oilers blog about a month ago if you want to check it out.

Low On Oil

LMHF#1 said...

I think they're assuming that guys like Pouliot will take charge. I really don't see him playing at an acceptable level.

How long it takes this group to realize this will not be solved internally I don't know.

Hockey Noob said...

Pouliot didn't have a terrible year last year, but I don't see him taking a big step forward this year either.

Yeah, I am frustrated too especially when something like a reliable vet 3C who can kill penalties can probably be had for relatively cheap at this point.