Game Preview - Preseason Home Game #1

Getting ready for the Oilers-Islanders tonight; it shall be tremendous fun. Way too long since I've been in a hockey arena watching our team do battle. Pre-season is always interesting for a player-analyzer such as myself because you get to see so many different guys and it's always a new experience. At times during the season at least half of the roster will play many dull games in a row and there's not really much to say, but there's always something to talk about in pre-season for nearly all the roster. With a view to that, the lineup for the Oilers tonight is as follows:


I don't hold out much hope for this line looking too fantastic to be honest. They'll probably beat on some weakling from the Calgary side from time to time but its not a combination I'm particularly enthused about. I'll be watching to see if Hemsky looks fresh and if Nilsson has changed at all.


Still making the mistake of Cogliano at C is disappointing. I suspect he'll be sent to the wing later but apparently we'll have to wait. Would have preferred him to Nilsson on the first line. Will be looking to see how Penner's doing and how ready Eberle is. I suspect he's still 2 years away but haven't had a great look before.


This Cornet guy comes much ballyhooed courtesy of LT, so I'll be watching him very closely. Pisani has apparently been ripping up camp, so he'll be on my radar as well. He just didn't look right last year. A 20-goal Fernando would go a LONG way.


I'll be watching Brule to see if he's taken any steps forward. I'm really hoping he can somehow find a way to be our diamond in the rough, but don't hold out a lot of hope.


Not really looking for anything. They'll be fine I imagine. Always a pleasure to watch both play.


Denis is always excellent to watch. I'll be paying special attention to Motin as he's been getting some hype and I'd really like to see why.


I'll watch something else.


Mainly watching to see if he's improved. I don't like his style in the net a lot of the time.


I do like his style. He looked excellent in Calgary. I'm hoping he keeps it up.

Game Report after the game tonight. I'm very pumped! See everyone then!

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