Comrie and O'Sullivan?

I identified both of these guys as big stories for this year's club. I in fact think they will be the two biggest stories up front. It just so happened that they played together last night and looked good by all accounts. O'Sullivan said he feels like their thought processes are similar on the ice. This is the kind of thing you want to hear from combinations of players going into a season.

Should the chemistry continue, there could be several options for getting Comrie and O'Sullivan on the same line. This is especially true because both are capable at center or on the wing. Last night Comrie played C with O'Sullivan slotting in on the left side. Immediately the offensive line possibility that jumps out is:


But I'm not sure this works. In theory they'd tear people to bits; but puck possession would be a question mark. It would open up the door for a Cogliano-Horcoff-Pisani ish line to be deployed if there is appetite for that sort of thing.

Another option is to make that combo part of a second scoring line thusly:


This combo creates a second scoring line but would likely be dependent on the Oilers acquiring an LW to play first line minutes; which looks less likely by the day. Pisani could play here in theory and create a very responsible line, but I'm not sure if that takes away too much from the rest of the squad.

If SOMEHOW Robbie continues to play solidly, and Quinn has the imagination for it, Rob could slot in to a true line meant to slaughter the weak. This line would also play HEAVY PP time along with Hemsky and a defenceman in order to make up for it's lack of 5-on-5 time. I worry that this approach underutilizes O'Sullivan, but its benefit is the position the top 2 lines are left in.


I don't mind that, but it's contingent on Schremp having an excellent camp and Cogliano being able to play wing effectively.

It will be interesting to see if the O'Sullivan-Comrie combo becomes that second (or third) scoring unit we desperately need.

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