Predictions for the year

Some random predictions for us to revisit at the end of the season:

- The Edmonton Oilers will have 3 30 goal scorers (Hemsky, Comrie, O'Sullivan). Yes I know this would be unique and exceptional and amazing. I don't care, I see it.

- When it comes to overrated hockey clubs, three immediately spring to mind in Vancouver, Philly and San Jose. SJ has rid themselves of some of the parts that held them back, but should still be a regular-season-only team. Every year Philly and SJ seem to alternate as media darlings and this year it's Philly. The Flyers simply don't win anything anymore and they won't start now. Simply adding Chris Pronger doesn't do much. Vancouver just isn't that good aside from their goalie. They are weak on the back end and rely on a pesky style that won't translate to playoff success.

- Mike Green continues to tear the league apart and get no respect while doing it. He got ripped off in not winning the Norris last year despite one of the greatest seasons by a defenceman ever. Not one "expert" I've seen has picked him to win it this year. Utterly Shameful. This kid is amazing.

- Shane Doan will be traded to a team where he can finally win. I really hope that team is the Edmonton Oilers at the trade deadline.

- We're lining up a squad to survive long enough ala 2005-06. Near the deadline if we're close, we'll attempt to fill the slots currently filled by non-NHLers like Jacques and Stone with much better versions of them. I see the potential for success in this despite how aggravating the approach is.

- Someone will sign Marc-Andre Bergeron, and he'll have a really solid year.

- Phil Kessel will melt like cheap butter in the heat of Toronto. Boston kept the right guys and moved this overrated joker.

- This trading deadline will have much heavier action than any before. The amount of UFA-eligible talented players combined with the prospect of a cap drop and teams wanting to go for it will lead to more fun for armchair GMs than ever before.

- Rob Schremp scores at least 15 goals for the Islanders.

- Alexander Ovechkin scores 70+ in Washington. The man's been challenged by his countryman Malkin and has maturing linemates. Sit back and watch the show.

- If Marty St. Louis is acquired by a contender, watch out for that team in the playoffs.

- Jeff Deslauriers will prove himself an NHL capable goaltender.

- Only one of Andrew Cogliano and Sam Gagner will be highly favored among the fanbase by the end of the year.

- Theo Peckham will play a regular shift by the end of the year. This kid is very very good.

- Ryan Stone will find his way back to the minors before long.

- Fans will learn to appreciate Fernando Pisani for the stabilizing force that he is as the Oilers struggle to do his job while he's gone. It's a true shame he doesn't get to try his hand with O'Sullivan and Comrie this year, I'm confident he'd have shown playoff form.

- Tom Gilbert will finally get the respect he deserves and be recognized as an emerging elite defenceman and a large bargain.

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Charlie98 said...

I predict:
- the Oilers will have 0 30 goal scorers
- in spite of me cheering for Doan at the Edmonton draft he will never be an Oiler. Should have been but not happening. Wonder what happened to Steve Kelly.
- MAB will play in Europe
- someone other than Ethan Moreau will soon be captain
- faceoffs will continue to be a problem
- no playoffs yet again