Our Forward Lines


Umm...yeah...as I said on another blog, I've got the over under on missed chances per game quite high. There's just no way that Horcoff and Jacques will finish the chances Hemsky generates. Hemsky's gonna have to take it upon himself to score goals if this line stays together. I don't think it will, but if it does that must happen.

If it's really this bad...offer Zherdev a couple mil and farm out a couple guys.


I have very high hopes for Comrie and O'Sullivan. Patrick looks like a dynamic goal scorer and Comrie looks to be back to his old self. If they continue along the path they've started, they'll be deadly. Stone isn't good enough or fast enough to really help out, but again, I don't expect him to be here too long. We'll see how the combos evolve.


I understand the Cogliano Penner combo, but Brule being in this spot baffles the heck out of me. Every time I think he's getting on track he fizzles out. Maybe Quinn sees something but I dunno yet. They need to find a way to get Cogliano 20.


I expect these guys to be solid and incredibly unspectacular. Gagner can't carry a line; it's not what his game is about. I wonder if he won't become a more complete player, but I also wonder if he won't be traded while his value's still really high.

Points for our top 6:

Hemsky 30-56-86
O'Sullivan 32-34-66
Comrie 31-31-62
Horcoff 15-37-52
Penner 25-27-52
Cogliano 21-29-50

Though I could honestly see our team by the end of the year looking SOMETHING like this due to the influence of Quinn and the extensive UFA-to-be market:


You never know...

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David S said...


All I can think of is that Sam must have forgotten to flush a HUGE dump in Quinn's private stall or something.

I mean, agreed he's been less than spectacular this pre-season, but this is cruel and unusual punishment.