Deadline Eve

Well...here we are, it's every wannabe GM's favorite time of the year!

A lot of people view a team's approach to this situation as a very complicated thing...I actually think it's quite simple:

- We are very likely to make the playoffs
- Therefore; we should trim excess fat that doesn't play a part in our future to give ourselves the best possible shot at a Stanley Cup. Period.
- Also, as always, we're looking for trades to improve the team including large needs we may have in both the immediate and long term.

My Rental List

I'd be happy with any or a combination of:

Bill Guerin
Mike Comrie
Richard Park
Chris Neil
Filip Kuba
Steve Reinprecht
Dean McAmmond
Marty Reasoner
Ian Laperriere
Jordan Leopold

My Big Name List

I would push hard for:

Alex Frolov
Jay Bouwmeester
Ilya Kovalchuk
Marian Gaborik
Chris Pronger

My Get Rid of List

I'd jump for joy if we could dump:

Dustin Penner's contract, and especially to the Leafs

What do I expect us to do? I don't really know. I expect to hear a lot of excuses about whatever it is we do or don't do in the reactions to things though.

Good luck to the crew tomorrow; land us a winner!


Charlie98 said...

I'd like to see Gaborik here even if he doesn't play until next year. I seem to recall Boumeester indicating he didn't want to play here, as has Pronger.

Of more interest is what would we have to give up. Given what we seem to think of players not named Hemsky or Souray I have to wonder who would be crazy enough to trade with us.

Charlie98 said...

13 min left - nothing