2 Quick things re: Canada/Swiss

I wanted to quickly comment on two things I see after every game like Canada's 3-2 W last night.

1 - "It was a great game". If you mean that in the sense of it was dramatic, sure. It was not however, well played in any sense. The Canadians were terrible. They were panicky idiots with the puck, whether they were in shooting position, from the point, or in their own end. The best players in the world were attempting Jason Strudwick plays...just dumb. I can't stand to watch hockey like that because of the mental lapses that are so very apparent. The guy who was most guilty of this was Dan Boyle, but the whole team had their moments. Unless there were serious injuries, I didn't like the way Babcock ran his bench either. He's usually better than that.

2 - "We/they ran into a hot goalie". If you take the kind of idiotic shots Canada took last night, save for very few, you will make any goaltender in the world look like a star. Even their glorious chances were poorly executed, and some of their best puck possessions ended because some goof trying to "just get the puck on net" ripped a shot wide and around the boards. If you're going to put it on net, be smart about it.

Canada will be waxed by teams like the Slovaks if they continue to play like that.

Mike Green and Jay Bouwmeester should both be on this team. HUGE mistakes. As were the picks of Morrow (who was laughing as Canada was nearly losing) and Bergeron.


Charlie98 said...

Bergeron was there for faceoffs and won a few in his end late in the 3rd. Surely there is someone more appropriate than Morrow. There were some definite defensive miscues.

But it was exciting. Do we a goaltending controversy? Who plays against the U. S.?

David S said...

I swear to god it was like the entire team got totally hammered the night before.

Charlie98 said...

I'm betting they wished they had Mike Green right about now.