2010-11 Edmonton Oilers

Because I haven't done one of these in a while:



It'd be an interesting forward crew, with no requirement for a HUGE offseason signing. They're large enough, can score, and can defend.

Remember those that immediately dismiss Comrie: He's likely going to cost very little and has shown himself to be a reliable veteran presence who can score goals when healthy. There's no reason to think that wouldn't continue.

I'm not sure where to put Hall honestly supposing we draft him, but if he's a star, let him be one. We can always move things around later.

Potulny and Stone have earned places if they keep what they're doing up to any reasonable level. Eberle will make the team and can place in a safe place to start.

You can see who I've moved out.



Pavel's going to be coming down in salary and could be a cheap UFA. If we can't get him that's okay but I'd sure like to. I'm also understanding of the fact that we may need to move Gilbert, but we'll see. I'd rather be incredibly steady 1-6. I also considered removing Souray, as I think he may be traded.

They're looney tunes if they trade Lubomir, so I hope the rumors about him being unhappy are untrue.



No-brainer for me. #35 is exactly what we've needed and #38 has flashes of brilliance that will make him an excellent #2 by next yr.


David S said...

Being a star in juniors doesn't guarantee success in the NHL (see: Robbie Schremp), so I'd be hesitant to have Hall on the first line and 'Brule him in his first year in the bigs. Still, you never know I suppose.

Not sure what to think about this team anymore. An honest interview with Lowe or Tambellini would help I guess, but we all know that'll never happen. We'd all be on board if we knew there was some sort of plan, or even if there was an acceptance of fault with a clear plan to get back on track.

Charlie98 said...

I was looking at defense scoring and who showed up in the top 30 but MAB. There is only one Oiler defenseman with more points.