The answer is Arnott.

The question of a forward to play with Hemsky has an answer, and it is above as the title of this post.

Arnott has always been an excellent player. Even when he was with us and run out of town. Look at the tapes in '97 against Dallas. He was tremendous. He's won, he's scored, he's led. Ever since.

Down the stretch, he played great after returning from a concussion. If he'd been in the lineup they probably make it in.

33 goals in 65 games and 57 points. Impressive. He's a 50% faceoff man who's 6'5".

He scored 2 and 1 in his first game back from a concussion in NSH's biggest game of the year against CBJ.

He had 1 goal against Chicago on the 7th.

He had 1 and 1 against DET on the 9th.

He had 2 goals against Minnesota on the 10th.

He's capable of playing huge amounts of minutes. He's also a right-handed shot.

This allows us to find a more available left-winger that doesn't have to be a power player (his name is Patrick O'Sullivan btw) and we have a complete and balanced to scoring line. It's difficult to find excellent left wingers period, much less a power player. Playing Horcoff with Hemsky requires a large power left winger to balance out the line. These players are so few and far between at the level we need (even Ryan Smyth was not good enough to fully capitalize) that chasing them is unrealistic. Bigger centers are easier to find.

Please find some way to acquire Jason Arnott. The leap our team would take would be enormous. I don't know how you pry the guy out of Nashville, but find a way. I'd gladly do what would look like an overpay. It'd be worth it in the end.


oilerdiehard said...

Arnott would be fantastic to pick up. However I see zero reason Nashville wants to let him go. From his contract to leadership ability etc... Also what we have to offer is likely not what Nashville would want. They do not really need any offensive D men.

Jason said...

Why would Nashville trade him? Especially to a conference rival?

It's a good thought, but not realistic.

LMHF#1 said...

I agree that it'd be difficult. I happen to think he's worth more to us than other teams as well. That's why I'd make a huge offer to get it done.